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How do I know if medical malpractice occurred?


Recognizing medical malpractice requires understanding several key components. In Florida and elsewhere, as with any state or locale, recognizing such misconduct requires identifying whether there has been a deviation from accepted standards of care that caused harm – here are the essential considerations:

Standard of Care Infringement: When healthcare providers fail to act according to what’s expected from competent professionals in similar situations, standard of care violations occur. That means their actions or inactions don’t align with what’s widely accepted within medical circles for treating certain conditions and situations.

Injury: For malpractice to exist, patients must have experienced injuries that would not have happened without negligence on behalf of providers. There must be tangible repercussions caused by these providers in terms of health or well-being implications resulting from their conduct.

Causation: There must be an established link between healthcare provider negligence and any injury sustained by patients, and their condition or state. Providing substantial evidence such as medical records or expert witness testimonies proving this causal connection.

Expert Advice

In Florida, experts like Dr. Jeffery Roth and attorney Percy Martinez advise patients seeking potential malpractice claims to seek advice from medical malpractice attorneys and consult Chapter 766 Medical Malpractice and Related Matters of Florida Statutes as this provides more context on this specific legal topic.

Remember, this information provided here should only be used for educational purposes and should not replace expert legal or medical advice. As always, consulting qualified professionals in both fields is recommended for an in-depth analysis of any potential medical malpractice situation.

Since I have practiced medical negligence law for three decades, it has afforded me insight into its devastating ramifications. Over that period of time I have encountered individuals and their families that have experienced physical harm as a result of negligence by healthcare providers; many also suffered emotional trauma, financial strain and experienced broken familial bonds due to negligence – sometimes irreparably so.

I was researching a research document about medical malpractice claims. The article is called: Wulandari and Hidayat’s Legal Review of Medical Malpractice. This document is very important. It outlines the link between doctors and medical malpractice. If you have time give it a read.

Source: Wulandari, P., & Hidayat, R. (2022). Legal Review of Physician Malpractice Cases: A Narrative Literature Review. Open Access Indonesia Journal of Social Sciences.

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