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Practicing Law since 1993

Percy Martinez Esq.

I began my career over 20 years ago with the late Attorney General of the United States, Janet Reno. What distinguishes my career is a fervent advocacy for my clients’ rights and a robust success rate.

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My goal is always to succeed and win your case by leveraging your rights under the law together with my vast experience to achieve a sizeable monetary award through a trial or settlement. I spend most of my waking hours planning, strategizing, and executing a successful plan for every case our office takes on. I have represented clients in complex legal cases nationwide in state and federal courts in Florida, Texas, Nevada, Nebraska, Georgia, New York, and California among others.

Championing Victims’ Rights: Fighting Against Negligence and Loss

Victims of negligence and family members that bear the burden of losing a loved one are the most important under the law. Serious injury and death can have a devastating emotional and financial impact. In most cases, going up against a physician, a multinational company or insurance company can be a daunting task with their seemingly unlimited resources and teams of lawyers. This mission drives the lawyers in my firm to fight for your rights every day.

Selective Excellence: Personalized Advocacy for Maximum Impact

Unlike many medical malpractice firms, we do not take on thousands of cases annually. We are selective in choosing the cases that have merit and where we can make a huge difference for the family or victim of accident, negligence or malpractice. If we select to advocate your case, you can rest assured that it will be dealt with the upmost attention to detail and care to maximize the possibility of success.