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Percy Martinez is one of the best personal injury lawyers in Miami. He has helped thousands of accident victims obtain compensation and recovered millions from damages done by another entity.




Going through an accident can leave long-lasting impacting circumstances for a person. Facing a slip and fall, car accident, malpractice negligence, can leave a scar for life with a high financial burden and mental anguish. The most recurrent consequences from personal injuries are the following:

  • Loss of wages/future wages due being unable to go back to work, or perform another job duty.
  • Permanent, and or temporary physical and psychological impairment
  • Property loss and damage
  • Grave financial burden with medical treatments
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and more

Having accident insurance can give a sense of relief to a person, but often times, insurance companies will want to avoid liability for any damages, or want to pay just a fraction of what the person injured actually deserves. When this situation arises, our highly-trained personal injury lawyers can assess the case and determine the amount that is owed to the individual based off of the damages endured, and the future damages as a result. If a someone has suffered an accident, it is highly recommended to not try and work it through with the insurance company. Seek a Miami personal injury lawyer who will fight for the greatest amount possible in relation to the damages received. Insurance companies know their ways around fully compensating their insured customers. A Miami personal injury attorney will not only work through with insurance companies, but if necessary, they will take a stand in the court system if no settlement is made.

The main attribute that our Miami personal injury lawyers have is taking our clients best interest to heart. We display this attribute the first minute that a victim contacts us to explain their case.  A review of the case and compiling all the facts take a large amount of time to do, so it is very important to schedule a meeting as early as possible. If an injury is limiting the person in traveling to seek help, do not worry, the attorneys at Percy Martinez law firm will meet you at any time of the day. We will examine the case for free with no obligation and only ask for payment only if the case wins. We are dedicated in fighting for the rights of the victims and protecting them as best as we can.


  • Airplane Accidents

    Airplane Accidents can be devastating, having a personal injury attorney fighting for your case is essential. Learn more about what our Airplane attorneys can do for you if a family member has died.

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  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice can range from misdiagnosis to a wrongful surgery. If the medical professional did not follow the standards of medicine you could have a lawsuit. It is important seek the help of a medical malpractice lawyer.

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  • Wrongful Death

    Wrongful Death is a tragic event which can cause families to become destroyed mentally, physically and financially. Having an experience lawyer is the difference between a large and small settlement. Justice shall prevail.

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  • Car Accidents

    Car Accidents can leave an individual seriously injured which could ultimately cause permeant injuries and even death. The Car accident attorneys of Percy Martinez will sue the insurance companies and entities involved.

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  • Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle Accidents are very dangerous for the driver and often result in serious damages and death. As one of the most dangerous forms of transportation it’s paramount to get a lawyer to help file a lawsuit.

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  • Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents can have commercial policies in the millions. Depending on the injuries you suffered and a multitude of factors the numbers tend to high. Our Truck accident attorneys have over 20 years’ experience.

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Our personal injury law firm in Miami has dealt with very high profile across all across the state of Florida. We have won awards and have integrated ourselves as one of the best law firms. We invite you to check our notable cases.

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  • $ 42 Million

    A boy suffered a seizure, when admitted to the hospital the doctors negligently did an intubation which caused permanent brain damage. The law firm of Percy Martinez fought tooth and nail with the hospital.

    Medical Malpractice
  • $ 11 Million

    James had an appendectomy at Riverside Hospital. Post-surgery, severe pain led to the discovery of a left-behind surgical instrument. Attorney Percy sued for negligence, winning James a significant settlement.

    Surgical Malpractice
  • $ 35 Million

    After a car crash, twins Alex & Brian were hospitalized. A surgical oversight by Dr. Smith caused irreversible brain damage to Brian. The family, devastated, is now suing the hospital for malpractice.

    Hypoxia Medical Malpractice