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Percy Martinez Autism Scholarship
Percy Martinez, wants to provide and cultivate the next generation of students who have autism .  This Autism scholarship will assist in reducing the costs of education for high school and college grads. Learn more about the scholarship program below.

About Percy Martinez
Percy Martinez is a very successful lawyer with over 20 years handling complex law cases. Percy is known locally and has been vigorously fighting for justice in the state of Florida.

Autism Scholarship details:
Amount: $5,000
Deadline: Dec 31, 2017
Award Date: Jan 28, 2018


To qualify for the Autism Scholarship you must fall into one of these categories:

  • High School
  • Under Grads
  • Graduates
  • Autism school students.

 As well as ONE (any) of these categories: 

  • Involvement in any program either as a Volunteer or Intern.
  • Have shown interest in education.
  • Currently enrolled in or have been accepted to an accredited school.
  • Two letters of recommendation from, but not limited to, former teachers, college administrators, community leaders or other similar persons concerning the academic ability, character, reputation or professional aptitude of the applicant.


Please submit the following:

A video (3-4 minutes) or short essay (100-600 words) and answers the following question:

What are your thoughts on the future of education?